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~ Introduction ~

We are proud to introduce our unique Customer Care program. Through market research, focus studies, and most importantly dialogues with our homeowners, this program was developed with our homeowners in mind, and is now the most innovative and integrated program being offered by any homebuilder.

We’re proud to bring it to you - because you really are the blueprint!

~ How We Help ~



The new Customer Care program has been designed to make the entire home purchasing experience a positive one. A few of the highlights include:

  • The New Home Workshop: a seminar to prepare you for every step of the way
  • a comprehensive package of learning tools, including the homeowner maintenance manual
  • The National Care Kit: a wealth of information on how to care for the finishes inside your home.
  • innovative framing walk-throughs
  • detailed customer surveys every step of the way, to help us serve you better


As Unique as You Are

The Customer Care program sets a new standard for the industry. It's a direct result of what our homeowners told us they wanted. And no one else can offer the comprehensive service that we give our valued homeowners. 



As part of the Customer Care Program, we offer a one-night workshop to get our homeowners better acquainted with the home-buying process. We take them through each stage, from When you sign your Sales Agreement, to during the Construction Process, up until moving day and even how to keep your home like new for years after your purchase.

 At the workshop you can ask questions and get the answers you need. Because at National, we want you know that we will be there, every step of the way.



After you purchase a home with National, you will receive an invitation to come and be a part of this exclusive event for National Home Buyers!


Important Things to Remember

  • Throughout every stage, including the Sales Agreement and Construction, we'll be communicating with you frequently, so it is important to keep us up to date with your current address, telephone number, and solicitor information.
  • If you have a property you wish to sell, it's our recommendation that you wait until your new home has been bricked. This stage is very crucial to your closing date.
  • Important contact info can be found in your Homeowners Manual. It includes information about National Staff, Municipal and Regional Services (i.e. trash pickup, water hook up, etc.) 


Interior Finish Selection

A design consultant will be calling you to schedule an appointment at the Design Studio so that you can choose the final finishes within your home. For more information about the Design studio, click here.

~ Home Construction ~


The Excitement is BUILDING

The construction on your new home is an exciting time for you and us at National Homes, and we want to make each step in the building process easy and worry free for you and your family.

For your Safety

We understand the temptation to view your home as it is in progress. However, we kindly remind you to refrain from doing so. National Homes diligently complies with the Health & Safety Standards Act, and we strictly enforce all policies in this regard. Construction sites can be dangerous and since we cannot ensure your safety, we can't allow you to enter the construction site or any home unless you have a previously scheduled framing walk-through appointment.

Framing Walkthroughs

We understand your excitement in wanting to view your home, and under the Customer Care program, we'll be offering you an opportunity to do so. 

Customers will be given an appointment to safely walk their home at the electrical stage, just before insulation and dry walling. Safety gear is required to visit the site; National Homes will have safety wear for you or you may bring your own.

The inspection is limited to 1 hour with a maximum of 2 adults who are the purchasers of the property. For safety reasons, no children will be permitted at the Framing Walkthrough.

This is a great opportunity for you to see your home, take pictures and ask any questions. It's a safe guided tour that will allow you to remember your home in its unique stages of construction.


Pre-Delivery Inspection

A PreDelivery Inspection is also known as a PDI. We'll contact you prior to your closing to schedule your PDI Appointment. This will be your opportunity to view your completed home and ensure everything is in working order and as you expected.

To explain the process, take a look at the video we've prepared for you of a typical appointment:

For more information on what is covered in your PDI, review the Tarion Warranty.

Closing Day

Everything has been finalized, and it's now "closing day". Just one last thing to do, and that is the release of your "house key".

Once you have closed, you may:

  • Begin unloading moving trucks
  • Have new appliances and new furniture delivered
  • Have service installations (e.g. cable, phone, etc.)

* Please note that we can't allow any moving, deliveries, installation, etc. until the closing has been confirmed.

~ Customer Service ~


Your Guarantee

Your new home is protected under not only the Tarion Warranty, but the National Home’s Builder warranty and New Home Warranty. Refer to your homeowners manual to learn more about your home owner warranties.

Keep in Touch!

You've purchased your home, you've moved in, and yet we STILL want to hear from you to make sure everything is going smoothly. We will do this through a series of letters.

The 30 Day Letter

This is your opportunity to tell us about anything that hasn't been completed on your PDI, or report any other warrantable issues that have arisen since your move-in. You can find this form in your TARION Homeowners Information package which you received at your PDI appointment.

When you're finished, send a copy to TARION Warranty Corporation and to National Homes customer service.

Once we receive your list, a service coordinator will review it and have a service technician come to your home and begin repairs. The technician will also perform a courtesy checklist of your home and tell you about anything that requires regular maintenance.

Year End Letter

Similar to the 30-day letter, the year end letter will comprise a list of any warrantable  issues you may have since the submission of your 30-day letter. It will be submitted in the eleventh month of your occupancy. Again, we'll arrange for a technician to come to your home to take care of any problems.

We care about our homeowners, and that's why we ensure they're still happy with their new home even a year after they've moved in!

Refer to your Homeowners Manual

The Homeowners manual provides you with important information on maintenance items that are required for you to maintain your warranty. It's like your instruction manual for your new home! Treat your home well, and you'll enjoy many years from it.

~ Care for your Home ~


~ FAQ ~



~ Survey ~