The Excitement
is Building

Strong Foundation

The construction of your new home is an exciting time for both you and us at National Homes. We want to make each step in the building process easy and worry free for you and your family.

For Your Safety

We understand the excitement and temptation to view your home as it’s in progress. However, we kindly remind you to refrain from doing so. National Homes diligently complies with the Health & Safety Standards Act, and we strictly enforce all policies in this regard. Construction sites can be dangerous and since we can’t ensure your safety, we can’t allow you to enter the construction site or any home unless you have previously scheduled a Framing Walkthrough appointment.

Framing Walkthrough

We understand your excitement in wanting to view your home, and under the Customer Care program, we’ll be offering you an opportunity to do so.

Customers will be given an appointment to safely walk their home at the electrical stage, just before insulation and drywalling. Safety gear is required to visit the site; National Homes will have safety wear available for you or you may bring your own.

The inspection is limited to 1 hour with a maximum of 2 adults who are the purchasers of the property. For safety reasons, no children will be permitted at the Framing Walkthrough.

Pre-Delivery Inspection

A Pre-Delivery Inspection is also known as a PDI. We’ll contact you prior to your closing date to schedule your PDI appointment. This is your opportunity to view your completed home and to ensure everything is in working order and as you expected.

To explain the process, take a look at the video we’ve prepared for you of a typical appointment.

For more information on what is covered in your PDI, review your Tarion Warranty.

Closing Day

Everything’s been finalized, and it’s now “closing day”. Just one last thing to do, and that’s the release of your “house key”.
Once you have closed, you may:

  • Begin unloading moving trucks
  • Have new appliances and new furniture delivered
  • Have service installations (e.g. cable, phone, etc.)

* Please note that we can’t allow any moving, deliveries, installation, etc. until the closing has been confirmed.

Grading Certification

The final step before the municipality can obtain assumption is to receive Grading Certification. This is a process in which a professional engineer walks the subdivision with a representative from National Homes to confirm that the grading is completed according to the approved plans. It is important to leave any landscaping changes until after the Grading Certification has been completed, to help the process go as smoothly as possible. National is committed to keeping our homeowners in the loop, and so we will be sure to contact you periodically with updates on the status of the assumption process.

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