New Construction Upgrades that Pay Off Every Day

Top 10 New Home upgrades that are worth the investment

Upgrading your brand new home may seem like a dream, but choosing the right upgrades can be a difficult process. Everyone wants to get the best they can to make their home beautiful, but some wind up siphoning your budget without being worth it in the end. But don’t worry–being strategic with your upgrades can set you on the right path to having your dream home at the best value.

Whether its environmental sustainability that appeals to you, or the cost-effective elements and day-to-day convenience, choosing the right upgrades can change your new home entirely. 

  1. Storage

Storage may not be the most glamorous thing to prioritize upgrading in your brand new home, but it will change the relationship you have with your home, guaranteed. Creative solutions to the limited square footage allows you to make the most of every nook and cranny, and ensure your home never feels too crowded or cluttered. There’s nothing worse than having junk hastily tucked out of sight or overflowing from crawl spaces. With solutions like garbage and recycling drawers in your kitchen or built-in closet or pantry organizers, it cuts down on clutter and heightens functionality exponentially at such a low cost. 

  1. Energy Savers

While the idea of upgrading elements of your home sounds a lot like spending more money, paying for energy saving upgrades is truly an investment. With energy saving windows or efficient heating and cooling systems you save more on each energy bill, effectively making back the money you spent–and then some! And with these investments as well as energy efficient appliances, it’s not just your money you’ll be saving, it’s the environment, too. Each energy efficient option in your home makes your carbon footprint shrink just a little bit more, so not only can you enjoy a comfortable interior for less, you can also know you’re protecting the world outside your window too.

  1. More Lighting

Lighting options can transform the interior of a house after dark. Whether you prefer bright overhead lights or warm wall sconces, don’t focus so much on the fixtures you get, but the lighting options themselves. Paying to have more lighting put in during construction can change the game entirely, as there’s no need for costly drywall removal/patching, no rewiring, and no fuss. The more lighting your home has, the more you can customize the atmosphere of your home depending on the mood you want to set–dimmed light for an intimate or relaxing evening, bright potlights for cooking or entertaining, under-cabinet lighting for throwing together a midnight snack, or any possible combination. 

  1. Carpet Padding

For those who love carpet and want luxury without the sky-high prices, consider saving yourself some money on the carpet itself and instead spend a fraction of the cost to upgrade to a high-quality padding underneath. You’ll get lush, soft feeling carpets that feel like heaven to your feet, but without spending that extra on getting high-end carpeting in your home. 

  1. Kitchen Island

While a kitchen island may seem to be a huge cost for some, this versatile upgrade can be an endlessly customizable option starting from a very low cost. Of course to have something extravagant with a built-in wine fridge and a gas range or sink it tends to get more and more expensive, but for a more modest number you can easily expand your kitchen counter space and open your home up to entertaining with the new ability to face guests while you prepare food, or even by adding a breakfast bar. You’ll never regret having more counter space and more storage below, and it will pay off with every minute you spend in a kitchen that instantly feels more modern and high-end.

Spending money on a new build can be a complicated matter, but many of the builder offered upgrades can enhance your home in ways you’d never consider. Many of these options may seem to have low impact on how stunning your new home will be from the beginning, but each and every one of them will keep you falling in love with your home over and over again.