Canadian technology makes your home smart and comfortable

Canadian technology makes your home smart and comfortable

If you’ve heard about the new generation of Smart Wi-Fi Thermostats, you should check out Ecobee3, a thermostat that takes it all to the next level. It’s an all-Canadian company too, and National has been testing this cutting edge technology with the intent of offering it in future National communities.

What’s different about Ecobee3? The system has remote sensors so you can adjust the temperature to be comfortable in the room you’re using, not just in the room where the thermostat is.

They call themselves “the smarter wi-fi thermostat with remote sensors – for homes with more than one room”. So if you live anywhere other than a bachelor apartment, Ecobee3 will give you more control over your comfort, and costs.

How smart is it? It can adjust for the weather. Plus you can control it remotely from your smartphone so you can have the house warmer or cooler when you – or the kids – get home.

Ecobee3 syncs with Amazon Echo so you can also control the system with voice commands and it’s compatible with Samsung Smart Things, WINK and IFTTT.

It even syncs with Apple Homekit and that means it can be controlled by Siri. So, by adding smart locks and smart lights, you can just say “SIRI, time for bed”, and automatically lock the doors, turn off the downstairs lights and switch the thermostat to the bedroom sensors, for a more comfortable night’s sleep. How simple is that? How high tech!

Visit Ecobee.com and explore all that this innovative technology can do. Then watch for upcoming National communities to see Ecobee3 for yourself.

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