FIVE WAYS TO MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR BALCONY by Izzy Centeno & Brenda Swanek-Ramos @balconyblissgta

When you live in a condo, space is at a premium.  Having an outdoor balcony is a luxury – a private oasis of extra square footage where you can step outside with your morning coffee, relax with an afternoon cocktail, or party with friends.  

During the spring COVID lock down, any one with a balcony came to appreciate the value of having your own outdoor space in the sky. 

Here are five way to make the most of your balcony space now, before summer ends.

1. Clean it up. Get rid of the spiderwebs in the corners and wash the windows and railings so that the space looks inviting. It’s also a good idea to wash the floor.

2. Landscape it. A pot of flowers or a small bush in a big pot create the essence of garden. The greenery will make your balcony feel fresher. 

3. You’ll want a place to sit. Invest in a couple of chairs, a loveseat, or a bench. There may be furniture from inside that you can move out for the summer and fall. Add some colourful cushions, and a cozy throw, and you’ll be ready to be comfortable on cooler summer nights and through the fall.

4. Candles are amazing on a balcony at night. They cast a warm romantic glow and glam up the space with ease. Scented wax burning candles are a great choice.

5. Use your balcony every day. In the morning, when you finish your workday, and after dinner, step outside and enjoy the view. 

Your balcony is as much a part of your home as the inside rooms. Make the most of it. 

If you need help getting your balcony in shape, professional services such as Balcony Bliss will come in and do the cleaning for an affordable fee, based on your square footage. Coming next spring, Balcony Bliss is launching custom design-packages to help you create a layout and find the right furniture to maximize your space.

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