MAKE IT (HOME) WORK by Deena Pantalone National Homes

Whether it’s part-time, full-time or remote learning, the one thing that we know for sure is that organization is key when it comes to keeping the kids productive. Here are some helpful hacks and ideas for space-saving study places that can transform any room in your home into a classroom. 


No room for a full-time desk or workspace? These fantastic desks unfold or pop-up to create a perfect place to pull out the books.

Is this a coffee table, a dining space or a computer desk? It’s all three! 

This cute ladder-style bookshelf folds out to become a little laptop station and would look great in your kid’s bedroom. 

Keep it even closer to the wall with this handy fold-down desk with chalkboard and hidden storage.  

Or if you are looking for something more substantial, we love this convertible credenza that turns into a proper sit-down desk with drawers and all. 


Don’t let the kids waste time searching the junk drawers for a pencil and paper. We like this simple option that keeps all their school gear in one place using the IKEA RÅSKOG and a few mason jars.



Your National Homes Family Centre is the perfect place to post a  homework calendar. Any calendar will do, but make sure you include the following: 

  • Look for one that has a lot of space for adding notes. 
  • Mark every task in pencil in case of changes. 
  • Due Dates should either be in red or highlighted.  
  • And when it’s completed cross that task off with a great big green X! 

However you manage it, we wish you and your family a safe and happy return to school.