How to Create a Backyard Oasis By Matthew Pantalone

How to Create a Backyard Oasis By Matthew Pantalone

The dream backyard space depends on your own tastes and lifestyle but here are some neat ideas, from dressing up your deck to easy plantings to create a big effect and how to have the soothing sounds of water in your own backyard.

Create privacy while you add pizzazz to your deck with a vine-covered pergola and plenty of container plants. Create separate zones on your deck, for relaxing in the sun and dining under the stars.

These days, outdoors is in. New more weather repellant fabrics allow outdoor furniture designs that look just like indoor furniture. Rugs come in numerous patterns and styles. Group sofa and chairs accompanied by tables to create a cool conversation area under an awning or umbrella. You don’t have to buy matching sets either. Outdoors among colourful plants and sunshine, even the most eclectic mix of furniture can be appealing.

Ponds and tabletop fountains may be popular these days among feng shui enthusiasts, but water features have been signature focal points in the best gardens for centuries. The sound of cascading water is so relaxing and there is a wealth of options available from tiny tabletop to wall fountains. A medium-sized pond can be created in a weekend using a plastic form sunk into the yard. Install a fountain and viola! The more adventurous can dig out their pond – over 4 feet deep if you want to over-winter your goldfish – even create a hill and make a waterfall.

If you choose a fire pit feature, check first with your local municipality for fire regulations.

Remember that backyards are for the whole family. A space for the kids to play could include a trampoline, swings, sandbox or pool. They’ll get plenty of outdoor exercise and you get to putter in your garden.

Make the most effect in your garden with a clever combination of perennials and annuals. Even new gardeners will have success with some hardy perennials such as peonies, Shasta daisies, irises, hostas among others – and they’ll come back year after year. Fill empty spots ands containers with brightly coloured annuals like geraniums, petunias, lobelias and others.

Whether your outdoor space is multi-use or mostly for entertaining, just a few design ideas and a little effort will make the most of every minute you spend there.

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