New Home Building Technologies by Deena Pantalone National Homes

At National Homes we’ve been developing a whole collection of bright new ideas for our home designs, we are even changing the way our company thinks about the building envelope itself.

In Ontario, brick homes have always been the preferred option of most builders and home buyers but this isn’t the most flexible, sustainable or cost-efficient material. And in our research, we have learned that buyers wanted more environmentally-friendly building techniques with overall lower energy costs. But they still wanted the look of a natural product on the exterior of their home.

So, we took a hard look at all the available options out there and discovered a product that had been field-tested across Europe for over 35 years. Panergy Wall Systems is a prefabricated wall panel system that comes complete with exterior cladding, the total package.


  • Weighs 90% less than a brick wall
  • Reduces installation time by 80%
  • Requires one-tenth the manpower to install
  • Superior thermal, fire and moisture performance

The best part is that it looks just like brick because the outside of this high-tech panel system is made from minerals. It also comes in stone, stucco and siding options for almost any exterior look.

We piloted Panergy at a recent sales launch to test it and the home buyers LOVED IT.

80% wanted Panenergy as an option.

For all of our future communities at National Homes, we will be offering homes built with the energy-efficient Panergy System.

Panergy is an example of how novel, technology-powered approaches to engagement can drive imperatives around sustainability and affordability.

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