Put an End to the Storage Wars by Deena Pantalone National Homes

“I have far too much storage space” – no one, ever 

Now that you are spending 24/7 in your home and all stocked up with extra staples, is the clutter in your closet driving you crazy? You can stop searching for spaces to hide unsightly odds and ends! We are bringing you Bright Ideas for hiding places in your house that you might not have even noticed until now.

  1. Stack it up! Using platforms or shelves can turn space that is usually a pile of sponges and plastic bags into an organized cleaning centre. Pop a battery powered light on the side for a little illumination.

  1. The Skinny on Hanging Shelves! Utilize a slim wall in your kitchen as a space to organize your mail, magazines and homework.


  1. Bathroom Bliss! The place above the toilet is often home to a nicely framed photo. But add a cabinet or some nice shelves and you have a place to show off all your pretty toiletries and hand towels.

At National Homes, we want to make sure every corner of your home serves you well. That’s why we include innovative Bright Ideas in every house like:

Mudroom/Drop Zone

Leave your clutter at the door with our signature National Homes Drop Zones.

Under stairs Storage

Once home to Harry Potter, the cupboard under the stairs is now the perfect address for your extra sports equipment or holiday decorations.

Panasonic Pull Down Cupboard

Vertically challenged? A pull down cupboard brings the contents down to you!

Family Centre 

More Command Centre than a simple desk, our Family Centres is a place to keep both your family and your home running smoothly.

Stay safe, be well and enjoy your home.