How to donate during COVID-19 by Deena Pantalone National Homes


We have some ideas!

National Homes is striving to support our communities in every way we can during these difficult times. We were fortunate to find and donate 2,400 PPA masks to 5 different hospitals in our communities, and our Hot Meals Initiative is ensuring our most vulnerable have enough to eat across the GTA.

A lot of people are asking us how they can stand up and join in National’s efforts. It might seem complicated with the restrictions tighter than ever. But we can show you how you can donate and where, and what items you might consider delivering.

  1. Right now lots of people are deep into their spring cleaning, which means many things you no longer need can be passed along to those less fortunate. Places such as the Salvation Army and Goodwill are still accepting donations at select locations. By accessing their websites you can check which locations nearest you are currently open to receive goods.


  1. Hygienic supplies such as soap, shampoo, gloves, masks, and hand sanitizer are all in high demand right now, and by supplying them to shelters, hospitals and seniors homes you can help provide for those who need it most. Check out your local hospital, care facilities and shelters website to see if they are accepting donations.

  1. If you’re hoping to help out in the same way that National Homes is, non-perishable items and bottled water can still be donated to many food banks across the country. By using Food Banks Canada’s helpful website, you can easily find out which places near you need your help and make a contribution.

We might all feel a little powerless right now, but at National Homes we truly believe that we are stronger when we all come together. 


Stay safe, be well and enjoy your home.