So Happy To Hear From You By Deena Pantalone

So Happy To Hear From You By Deena Pantalone

The results of our recent YOUprint Survey are in! We appreciate all the feedback you gave us, which will be invaluable when we are working together with our architects and designers to come up with the home that’s exactly right for you.

So-Happy-To-Hear-1For example, the idea of custom build-ins in the mudroom is high on your list of upgrades. (Not surprising really; a radio announcer once calculated that the average Canadian spends two years in their lifetime putting on and taking off coats, boots, hats, scarves, gloves – that’s a pile of cold weather gear to keep tidy!)

Outdoor space is very important to you and having a deck tops your wish list.

Our respondents are a sociable group; you So-Happy-To-Hear-2use any additional rooms that are not dedicated for bedrooms as a Guest Room, which often doubles as an office space – no doubt so you can keep in touch with those same friends and family!

And for most respondents, computers belong in a separate space.

National wants to thank each and everyone for taking the time to participate in our survey. That’s because at National, you are the blueprint

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