Who’s Zoomin Who? Zoom Tips and Tricks with Deena Pantalone of National Homes

Between virtual family reunions, workday check-in meetings and online classes, it seems like the whole world is meeting up using Zoom technology right now. It’s even made an appearance on Saturday Night Live!

If Zoom is new for you, don’t be a Nan! Here are a few tips that can help you feel more confident on your video calls.

We’ll assume at this point that you know how to log-in to the Zoom web site and how to Schedule a Meeting.  Don’t forget to test your speaker and microphone so you have audio and video connection.


Be Your Best You (By Faking it):

Let’s be honest, we’re all cutting our hair at home and using store bought hair colour. Business clothes have been “cancelled”. So the first thing you are going to want to do is make use of the filters:

Under the video settings check the button marked “touch up my appearance”.  Zoom will soften that focus on your camera and make your skin look a little bit brighter.

Photo Cred: Zoom; Paige Leskin/Business Insider

Get a Cool Background

Between working and homeschooling the kids, who has time to clean right now? Luckily with virtual backgrounds, you don’t have to. You can have your favourite vacation photo as your background, a picture of your family, the set of your favourite tv show or now you can even show people your new home purchase!

To download our award-winning David Nosella Model Home Zoom Backgrounds, click on the below images you’d like to try as your new background and save to your computer. They have been perfectly sized for your next Zoom meeting.

To use it while you are in your next Zoom meeting, click the  ^ arrow next to Start/Stop Video and select “Choose Virtual Background.”

Preview the virtual background to detect any issues before joining the meeting. If your computer is not ‘new’ enough, you may get a no-go notice. Fear not! Hang a green bed sheet behind to make a homemade “green screen” and it may work!

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Happy Zooming!