Real Estate Tech Talk

Real Estate Tech Talk

Gone are the days when a real estate agent sat by a fax machine waiting for an offer to come through. The last decade’s incredible advancements in technology have streamlined the way buyers and sellers interact, and most things today from groceries to a new car are now chosen and purchased with a tap or two. Websites like Zillow are allowing people to purchase resale homes online sometimes site unseen. The speed of business and information exchange across industries has become almost instantaneous. In the past, the Real Estate sector has tended to be on the slower side when embracing technology, but we are starting to see many ways that tech is enhancing the purchaser experience and better supporting builders, agents and brokers.

● Better analytics will provide specific, directed and desirable options for purchasers
● Mobile apps are simplifying the paperwork process with protected, digital signature pages for phones and tablets
● Secure Blockchain connections for safe escrow of funds and document preservation
● 24/7 instant online feedback and responses are available for potential purchasers through chatbots
● Listings, marketing materials and appointments are instantly booked and shared through mobile apps and shared drives
● Instant updates on transactions and data capture are now available online

Buying a home is a complex and very personal transaction so the need for a face-to-face connection will never completely disappear. But with the support of new tech, more time can be spent supporting the broker-client connection while the tedious tasks related to the transaction are supported digitally.

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