Top 5 New and Innovative Home Building Materials

Top 5 New and Innovative Home Building Materials

We’ve come a long way from homes made of straw, sticks and bricks. Innovations in building materials, products and practices are poised to blow away the competition by improving productivity, performance and increasing LEED points and energy savings. Here is our list of the top five innovative home building products to keep an eye on:

Panergy is a next generation, prefabricated, insulated building envelope that has been field-tested across continents around the world for over 35 years. Panergy advanced building technology provides superior performance with a lower carbon footprint in a variety of styles like brick, stone and stucco.

Graphene is a material that absorbs light and conducts heat. Recently this incredible material has been incorporated into exterior paint with the hopes that it will absorb the sun’s rays and improve thermal regulation. The best part – it has absolutely zero volatile organic compounds, no toxic heavy metals and no carcinogens.

Tesla’s vision behind every product they make is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. Their new Solar Roof Tiles are a promising step towards home sustainability. Imagine being able to produce your own green energy right off your roof. And the best bit – apparrently they will be even cheaper than regular roofing materials and more durable than any roof tiles on the market.

The robotics, software, and materials are all available right now to download and print an entire 2,000 square foot concrete home in 24 hours. And the cost to create the first was just over $10,000. The roof, insulation and utilities are traditionally installed.

Hempcrete is a lightweight fibre-reinforced concrete made out of a bio-fibre, (the core of the hemp plant) and a mineral binder, (lime). Hempcrete is renewable, low-impact and does really well buffering moisture and temperature changes so it’s great for damp environments.

Breakthrough technologies in the contemporary building industry are solving a host of problems that traditional building practices just can’t.

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