Top Things To Do in Claireville Conservation Area

Top Things To Do in Claireville Conservation Area

Imagine having one of the largest urban forests and natural corridors as your very own backyard oasis. Our newest National Homes community, Three Rivers at Claireville, borders the 848 acres of glorious forest, fields and streams at the extraordinary Claireville Conservation area, so you can hike, bike and connect with nature whenever the feeling strikes you. Register now at https://nationalhomes.com/claireville to live in this beautiful community with Parkland Townhomes coming Fall 2019.

Aerial photograph of Claireville Conservation Area

There are four full seasons of activities to enjoy at Claireville but spring is our favourite. It’s so inspiring to see life returning to the forest, grasslands, wetlands, valleys and trails after a long winter. Choose your own outdoor adventure from the great options here.


No matter your comfort level and experience, there are plenty of walking and hiking options at Claireville Conservation Area. The park is home to a huge variety of wildlife and spectacular landscape that can be admired from many vantage points.

Horseback Riding

Right in the heart of the park you’ll find the picturesque Claireville Ranch. Take a relaxing trail ride, sign up for riding lessons, board your own horse or bring the littles for a pony ride.

TreeCaching Trail


Can’t get your kids off their phone? Then this is the hiking experience for your family. All you need are some good outdoor shoes and your smart-phone. As you hike you can take a self-guided tour and learn all about the different tree species that exist in the natural heritage of our watersheds.

Bird Watching

The park is a haven for many migratory birds and is a favourite location for birdwatching. You’ll find meadowlarks, blackbirds, blue jays, robins, woodpeckers, ducks, swallows, sparrows and more.


Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game! There are hidden Cache’s all through the park. To learn more about Geocaching see this quick video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1YTqitVK-Ts&time_continue=75

Mountain Biking/Cycling

There are several terrific trails you can hit this spring at Claireville. Picture riding through the woodlands, next to the creeks and across bridges. https://www.trailforks.com/region/claireville-conservation-area-16835/trails/


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