Essentials for organizing your entryway from Pottery Barn

Essentials for organizing your entryway from Pottery Barn

The leaves are falling and the promise of blustery winds and falling snow is around the corner. Which also means an abundance of boots, hats, scarfs and mitts, cluttering up your entry way. If you have recently visited the Model Homes decorated by Pottery Barn and west elm at The Forest by National in Bradford, you may have been admiring the convenient mudrooms that would help keep your life organized more organized. But even the best ‘dropzone’ can become a ‘disaster zone’ without the right tools. The designers at Pottery Barn share with us a list of organizing essentials

Keep things organized with a console
A narrow accent table or console is a perfect place to keep things like keys, mail and family reminders.

Catch clutter with handy hooks
A series of hooks by the door can help you keep clutter to a minimum by giving everything a place to hang out. Or use a coat rack if there’s not a lot of floor space to work with.

Step up your organizing with a shoe rack
A practical shoe rack by the door will help bring order to your entryway. When shoes have a place to go, there’s more likelihood of them staying off the floor.

Benches and baskets and bins (oh my!)
A bench with a special space underneath for baskets and bins can be a great way to clean up the clutter. They’re a perfect place for sports equipment, rain gear and just keeping things in their place.

Keep it in the closet
If you have a closet by the front door, get more space from your storage with a convenient closet organizer. When there’s order in a house, things just work better, especially when it all starts right at the front door.

Pottery Barn is happy to offer décor and organization sessions especially for YOU. Want to know how to pick the best paint colour? How big should your coffee table be to fit your space? Or how do you properly set a table for the holidays? Watch your inbox for an invitation to join us and learn more tips and tricks from the Pottery Barn professionals.


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