Nothing’s as good as new! By Deena Pantalone

Nothing’s as good as new! By Deena Pantalone

When you buy a New Home in Ontario, you’re getting the very latest in construction quality and materials. The steady increase in Government-mandated building standards and the natural competitiveness of builders means that today’s homes are better built and more energy efficient than even a home built as recently as five years ago. In fact, the Ontario Building Code was updated as recently as 2012 to include higher standards for building energy efficient communities.

But that’s not the only reason to buy new. A new home comes with the confidence of a Tarion Warranty, so you can be sure that your investment is backed by a solid guarantee. With a resale home, you’re on the hook if something goes wrong.

And best of all, when you buy a New Home, you get to choose the features and finishes that help to make it suit your personal style, from floors to kitchen cabinetry, countertops or faucets or energy-saving Green Features.

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