Our City of Villages By Jason Pantalone

Our City of Villages By Jason Pantalone

Old World cities don’t have villages like Toronto’s. They have city centers, central squares, market squares and so on. One of Toronto’s great strengths is the health of our many neighbourhoods and the sense of cohesion that comes from our connection to our local community.

At last count there were 140 different neighbourhoods in Toronto, including Bloor West Village, Danforth Village, Yorkville, Wychwood Village, Forest Hill Village, not to mention Rosedale, Riverdale, Baby Point, Swansea, Leaside, The Junction, The Kingsway and so on.

One neighbourhood that National is currently building in is Forest Hill Village, which truly lives up to its special reputation for vibrancy, impeccable style and luxury in the heart of the city. Strolling the village end of Spadina, it’s easy to forget the city hustle and bustle a few streets away. Time moves at a measured pace and life is savoured. The Forest Hill Barber Shop could certainly have paid for a new cash register since 1931 with four generations of loyal customers, but it still works so why change? In Forest Hill, yoga, track fitness, health food stores and sushi are welcome newcomers, relatively speaking. The Village Chill is a perfect place to chill over an ice cream or frozen yogurt while enjoying the village charm. Happily, Toronto does “village” better than most cities in the world.

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